03 May 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 122 (I Made It To London... The One In Kentucky)

I was loaded and scaled at around 2200 last night, and made it as far as Whiteland, IN (just south of Indianapolis) before I shut down for the night - which was around 0200 this morning. I left a little after noon and travelled the remaining 240+ miles, only making one stop along the way to get my Grande Triple Marble Mocha Machiatto at Starbucks (which, by the way, has been nearly a week since I've had one... needless to say, I was seriously jonesin' for one).

I've already been pre-planned on my next load: picking up in Lebanon, TN (just outside Nashville) and going to another Walmart, this time in Ochelata, OK, which is not far from Bartlesville, current home of fellow former Marine, fellow blogger, and friend Lauri Rottmayer (whom, by the way, filled in for me on Day 110 - and did an absolutely splendid blog).

Where I go from there is still unknown at the moment. One thing that is known, is that less than a week later I will be home (just in time for Mother's Day), and entertaining my brother and stepmom as they visit from Vegas, AND my wife and I will be going to Little Rock on Sunday to take part in the Jewish Food Festival (I can almost taste the blintzes, knishes, and the lox & bagels now).

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