08 May 2011

Day 127 (A Long Way From My Wife On Mother's Day)

I have arrived at my destination in Frederick, MD to deliver in the morning, and today is Mother's Day. Not to confuse anybody - I am not a woman, but my wife is (though there have been occasions where I have been called a "mother," but those times have usually been quickly followed by a more unpleasant adjective). She did get some lovely gifts from our sons: the 2 that live on their own in California sent her an L.A. Dodgers shirt and a box of Bordeaux Chocolates from See's Candy; our youngest (he's 16) gave her some money for her to get what she wants (which I suspect will be used to purchase a cd by Ofra Haza), and our 18 year old... well, he's 18 (need I say more).

Though I am not at home lavishing her with love, affection, and gifts, she already knows what gift she is to get: a full length mirror/jewelry armoire (to be clear - NOT already filled with jewelry, as she will fill it with what she already has, which, by the way, is sufficient enough to require the ownership of said armoire).

In closing, I leave you with this little thought that a dear friend sent me, via text:

The word for Momma in Hebrew is Eema when broken down letter by letter and defined it means "the one who controls the chaos of the house and produces what is necessary to bring forth good results for life". Thank you all for being a TRUE Eema to your children for Yeshua (Jesus)! ~ be Blessed today! (courtesy of Rabbi Hezekiah Ross)

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