26 May 2011

Day 145 (Leaving Tulsa... Eventually)

I unloaded this morning, and I will be re-loading this afternoon from the same customer. Though I hope I will not have to wait until 1700 to do so. This trip will put a couple hundred miles more on me, as I have to go through our terminal in Little Rock to pick up Andy, my next student.

The weather here is pretty nice: moderate temperature with a nice breeze blowing. Last night there was some wind, just enough to rock the truck ever so slightly. Since it's about lunch time, I will make myself a sandwich, or just have some flatbread & hummus (now that I mentioned it, the latter sounds pretty good), though I could go for a nice roast. Last night, and up to this point, has been a bit uneventful.

I think a nap is in order.

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