21 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 110 (Bartlesville brews - with guest blogger Lauri Rottmayer)

Today's guest blogger is Lauri Rottmayer, of Rott-i-tude.

Lauri Rottmayer is a marketing professional with many years experience. An enthusiastic woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and love of technology, Lauri is continually learning and growing in all areas that will help her be the best in everything she does. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant, an official state preliminary to the prestigious Mrs. International Pageant, while doing freelance graphic design and marketing.
A passionate community volunteer, Lauri serves on the board of theBartlesville Area Marketing and Communications Association and the Marketing Advisory Committee at Tri County Technology Center. She also serves on the Grassroots Action Committee for the American Heart Association and is very involved with the Go Red for Women movement. Near and dear to her heart is the work she does as a volunteer withGrace Hospice. Lauri is an accomplished public speaker, an avid reader and loves to dance.
Lauri has been married to her best friend, David, for 32 years and the couple has 3 sons: Brandon, Geoff and Ryan and a sweet boy dog, Rabi. (above excerpt lovingly and respectfully taken from her website). Thanks Lauri!

When Doug first asked me to guest blog for him, I wondered what I would write about? Doug and I met on twitter and we bonded over Carpe-ing the Java.

I have enjoyed his Road Scholar series of posts and so I decided to help Doug out in case he ever has to deliver his load in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It's a definite possibility since I've seen mention of Wal-Mart and we do have a distribution center about 15 miles out of the city limits.

So, imagine, Doug has dropped his load off at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Bartlesville. He's been on the road for quite some time and he is seriously ready for a great cup of coffee. Where should he go?

Well, one recommendation would be Jude's Health & Java House. They have quite a nice coffee offering and great sandwiches and salads, as well. There is free wi-fi so he could also write his blog post while he was relaxing with coffee. Additionally, it's in a shopping center with a fairly good sized parking lot so he could leave the truck out there while he went inside.

Next of course is the ever present Starbucks. We've had a Starbucks in Bartlesville for a couple of years now and there is one located in the Food Pyramid grocery store next to Jude's but I know that Doug would rather go to a "real" Starbucks. So he'll have to drive north up Highway 75 to get to Eastland Shopping Center. There he can park his truck in the huge parking lot and take a short walk to the corner and find a "real" Starbucks.

But, truly, if Doug ever does come to Bartlesville to deliver a load, I would hope he would make it over to our humble Garage Mahal and have coffee with David and I. I'm sure it will be the best coffee he'll find in town and it will full of friendship and good conversation. And the truck? Not to worry. We live across the street from a church and they have a big parking lot!

Until then,

Lauri :-)
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