16 May 2011

Day 135 (Much To Do, But That Will Have To Wait)

Today I got quite a bit done, but there's a few things that will have to wait until the next time I get home. One such thing is organizing the rest of my albums. My brother brought the rest of my record collection with him from Vegas, but I have yet to collate them into what I already have on the shelf (and to give you some perspective, my collection is a couple hundred titles).

Alas, tomorrow I'm going back to work. Though I don't really want to, but we all have to earn a living. I'm still trying to find that one job where I can take a two week paid vacation 26 times a year... but so far, no luck. It was nice seeing my brother and step-mom, and I'm hoping to get a load (sometime soon) that will take me out there to see them. The weather is fairly cool tonight, though I know summer is just around the corner, which means just one thing - MAX a/c temperature on the truck. Be cool - be safe!

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