09 May 2011

Day 128 (I REALLY Don't Like Mondays In The Eastern U.S.)

I arrived in Frederick, MD yesterday afternoon, unloaded this morning... then sat for most of the day. You see, this company I drive for has been around for over 25 years, but a year ago (this month) they expanded to include a Temperature Control Division (of which I'm in), to keeping that into account would explain why it's hard to get freight when in the east... mainly because they are gradually building up a customer base. Not to mention that most of the freight in the east mainly within the east, and since I'm due to go home this week (NOT in the east), would explain the afore mentioned difficulty in the available freight.

However, I did get a load this afternoon, but it doesn't load until tomorrow morning, of which I "strategically" placed myself within a reasonable distance from the customer. The load will be going from McCoole, MD (out in the middle of nowhere) to Sauk Village, IL (on the outskirts of somewhere... that is to say, Chicago) for Wednesday. From there, I am told, I have a pre-plan on a load going to Osceola, AR - from which I will be going home once that load is delivered.

What's worse... NO COFFEE!!!

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