13 May 2011

Day 131 (Soon, I Will Be Home)

Unloaded this morning and waited a few hours for my next load (while I sat parked behind a Home Depot). When it did come, the facility where I'm loading was, quite literally, around the block. Though it only goes to Pontoon Beach, IL (about 280 miles, and right outside St. Louis), I've been told by Monica to go home once I get unloaded... to which I replied, "you don't have to tell me twice."

I'm very much looking forward to going home, not only for the obvious reasons (I always enjoy being with my family), but because my brother & step-mother are coming out from Vegas AND this Sunday, in Little Rock, will be the annual Jewish Food Festival, which I - along with my wife and youngest son - will be attending. I would invite you to meet me there, but for me to say "just look for the Jewish guy" would hardly be helpful, since it's a Jewish Food Festival... Jewish guys will be in abundance, but not as plentiful as, say... New York City, so there's a good chance we may bump into each other.

It's been a long 2 1/2 weeks. I'd like to relax when I get home, but I hardly think that's going to happen, since I will be making some Challah bread and Matzo Ball Soup, making a "relocation" trip to Tennessee and back, and the afore mentioned festival.

No rest for the weary!

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