13 May 2011

Day 132 (Unilever In Chicago = SLOW!)

First of all, I apologize for yesterday's blog not posting until today... wait, why am I apologizing for Blogger, after all, they were the ones that went down for maintenance. Anyway, I got to the shipper yesterday afternoon around 1500, and my appointment was for 1700-1900 (a two hour window). At around 1730 I asked about, roughly, when I would get assigned a door, only to find out that their production line was down for maintenance (just like Blogger) and had just started back up. When they finally called me, I dropped my trailer (so the yard jockey could put it in the door) at about 1945. What time did I get out of there, you may ask... after 0200!

I got rolling, and about 100 miles from my destination, I pulled off to grab a nap. I really wanted to get to the customer before I did that, but my body began to protest. So now, in order for my logbook to remain in a legal status, I have to wait until about 1900 to head home.

At least I'll be home.

Perhaps until Tuesday.

Oh, and by the way... the Detroit Red Wings are OUT of the Stanley Cup Playoffs... and today is Friday the 13th?!

How much worse could it get?

Don't answer that!

- Another rant via BlogPress

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