31 May 2011

Day 150 (I Forgot The Maple Syrup)

I got unloaded this morning in Half Moon, NY, then had to wait nearly 2 hours for my next load. This one has two pick-ups: the first being in Middlebury, VT, then down to N. Bergen, NJ. Middlebury is... well... in Vermont, about 35 miles south of Burlington... and nowhere near an interstate. N. Bergen is in the metro Jersey area, just north of Newark, and across the river from NYC.

I was doing pretty good on time once I got the first pick-up loaded, but once I got to the fuel stop in Newberg, NY... well, I'll just say it was nearly a 30 minute wait before I made it onto the fuel island, as FOUR of the pumps were out of service. Needless to say, I didn't make it to N. Bergen before I ran out of hours.

Just so you know - the fuel price for diesel in Newberg, NY: $4.28/gal... and I got 119.5 gallons.

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