11 May 2011

Day 130 (At Least My Laundry Is Done)

This morning I called the broker of this load to see about getting it unloaded today, but to no avail. I, therefore, have to wait until tomorrow to unload, which means the pre-plan I had for today went to another driver. I, then, will have to wait until tomorrow to find out about my next load, which will get me home.

This week has been a bit sketchy, with having to deal with brokers (which I don't like doing), and trying to get home. As I sit here at our terminal in Gary, IN (where I stopped to grab a shower and do my laundry - and I try to get all my laundry done before going home so my wife doesn't have to deal with it), I'm getting ready to head into the Chicago area (now that the traffic will have died down) and, hopefully, be able to park overnight at the customer, so I don't have to deal with morning traffic... and in Chicago, it can be horrendous.

I can just hope for the best.

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