04 May 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 123 (Soon To Be On My Way To Oklahoma)

I got to a small fuel stop early this morning to shut down with 28 miles to go to load and 30 minutes left on my logbook. I didn't go all the way because I knew that I would have run out of hours before I got to the shipper, as the route was taking me through town, hence stoplights, resulting in slower travel time. I arrived here in Lebanon, TN at 1245, for a 1700 appointment, though they did put me in a door early - at 1600. It turns out the load will only be about 25,000 lbs, so I won't have to scale this one out.

I plan on getting to our terminal tonight and shutting down, then tomorrow going in to get my application for a passport submitted and processed (that, and a trip to Starbucks), then to finish the trip to Ochelata, OK. There's not much to Ochelata, a small town about 30 miles north of Tulsa. There is a small truck stop just south of the Walmart Distribution Center.

Oh... I almost forgot... that visit I had with my friend Chris on Sunday, here's a pic from that day:

He's put on a few pounds (but so have I - 20 years tends to do that to you), and grown a beard (again, so have I), but he still looks the same... though he does point out that I've got the grey hair.

That may be true, Chris, but I'm still all different flavors of awesome!

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