17 May 2011

Day 136 (Is It Time To Go Home Yet?)

I just left out this morning and I'm sitting here in Jonesboro, AR picking up this load that's going to Wilmington, IL for tomorrow evening. I already miss my family! After all the years I've been driving, that still happens. The weekend had been busy and somewhat productive, and most enjoyable; a lot of fun, food, and laughter being with family, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. However, bills have to get paid somehow.

Going through the last of my record collection that was brought in from Vegas I found a few titles I had forgotten were there. Titles such as the movie soundtracks for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Flash Gordon, as well as John Lennon's Double Fantasy, Julian Lennon Valotte, and Speaking In Tongues by The Talking Heads (which the copy I have was pressed on clear vinyl, but over the twenty + years it has sat in a box, along with surviving Hurricane Wilma, oxidation has given it a reddish tinge). When I get back home, the process of integrating those into the (somewhat) organized shelves will begin... not to mention the task of replacing some of the plastic sleeves on a few of the jackets. Many of today's youth have never heard of vinyl records, let alone seen them. I've spoken with a few that have NO historical knowledge of the music they listen to: for example, they didn't know that "Careless Whisper" by Seether and "Word Up!" by Korn were big hits in the 80's, nor did they know the original artists who recorded those songs were Wham and Cameo, respectively.

Though the music industry is a lot to blame for this dilemma, as they are only concerned about "the next big hit." There are no longer artists that are groomed for longevity within the industry. Though I personally don't care for him, I feel sorry for Justin Bieber, as by the time he's 22, he will be considered "yesterday's news" - a.k.a., a washed-up has-been. You can even see this pattern in American Idol. All the years the show has been on, Carrie Underwood is probably still the most prominent name to arise from the show. If you notice, the ones that create the most controversy are the ones exploited most by the industry, vis-à-vis, music sales (can anybody say "Brittany Spears"?).

In the words of Forrest Gump - "That's all I'm gonna say about that!"

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