01 January 2006

Let's Make Sense Of It All

Could somebody please tell me when these politicians became so self absorbed that they have forgotten why they are in office, and who put them there? We have financial scandals happening on BOTH "sides of the aisle," finger pointing going on because of said scandals, not to mention that we, as the American People, are not saying anything about the fact that these elected cockroaches are giving themselves raises every year, while our own military - many of whom are serving in the battlefield, as we speak - have a large number that are receiving salaries well below poverty. There is no reason why they should receive 6 figure incomes, for sitting on their butts in air conditioned facilities and have absolutely no concept of what life is like living in a combat zone, because most of them have never served. Besides, these politicians are SUPPOSED to serve "We the people."

First of all, they have accomplished nothing that deserves a raise. Since they are supposed to SERVE us, why don't we have a say whether they get a raise, or not. I don't know about those of you whom are reading this, but I never received a memo for this request, did you? When is the last time we gave ourselves a raise, and didn't notify our superiors, or even allow them to have a say in the matter? The last time I recall any of them doing any real work was in 2002. Wasn't that the last time they ran for re-election? My point exactly!

Secondly, we see them arguing and debating, but where are the REAL issues? There are points made on the prison scandals that I agree with, military troops ARE NOT to behave in that manner. But wasn't it Dick Durban who made a stink that Muslim prisoners in Gitmo were being fed things like,"Lemon Baked Chicken and Rice Pilaf?" Most of our children in the public school system don't even get fed THAT well. And why even direct so much time and attention to these trivial things when there are still innocent civilians being beheaded by terrorists - not "freedom fighters," or "insurgents." Don't call a shovel a spade, label them for what they are... TERRORISTS! Are you still with me, or have I lost my only 2 readers? If PRO is the opposite of CON, then we can conclude that CONGRESS is the opposite of PROGRESS.

-Voice OUT