25 May 2011

Day 144 (Time For A New Student)

Today has been, and will continue to be, fairly easy. My delivery will be in Tulsa for tomorrow morning, where I will also re-load at the same customer a load bound for Braintree, MA, then to Half Moon, NY. Once I do get loaded, rather than head through Joplin, MO, I'll have to detour through Little Rock, AR to pick up my new student and begin a new 3 week cycle of training. This first load for him could prove to be very challenging for him, since Braintree is a suburb of Boston, and Half Moon (as I pointed out Sunday) is just north of Albany.

I've driven through a bit of rain traveling along I-44 in Missouri, and it looks as if there may be more to come. I won't complain. In fact, I hope it rains through the night. The reason for this, is that, like watching the snow fall in winter, rain is also very therapeutic. If it's a moderate shower, the "tap, tap" sound made of the roof of the truck makes it easy to drift off to sleep. Even a heavy storm has the same effect, due to the fact that with a heavy storm, there is also a wind that accompanies it, which will cause the truck to rock... and like the famous "baby in a cradle" off to sleep I go. Though such rains do pose their own problems... such as the premature need to use certain facilities, which, in turn, cause the need to exit the dry comfort of the truck, thus become exposed to the very same elements to which I have to run through in order to use the afore mentioned facilities.

On second thought, forget the rain.

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