20 May 2011

Day 139 (I Will Be Busy)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to repower a load going to Half Moon, NY, which I did this morning. This load originated in Tulsa, OK and the other driver and I swapped in Strafford, MO, just on the east side of Springfield. Once I deliver on Monday morning, I will only have to deadhead 20 miles for my next load (which I have been pre-planned on), which will be taking me to Tulsa.

The weather was rainy earlier, but now it's just a little overcast. I stopped into our terminal in Madison, IL (just outside St. Louis) to get a routine service done on the truck (a.k.a. oil change). They got my truck in and out, which is always nice. Now that I've showered, run a few errands, and my truck service is complete, I can continue down the road on today's journey to see what adventures I can explore... ok, I'll just drive.

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