02 May 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 121 (Goodbye Chicago, Again)

My appointment time to unload was 0530, but the process didn't actually start until 1425, not because they were that busy, but because the product was not up to par with this customer's standards. Which, of course, let to some headbutting between the customer, the broker, and the shipping facility. Once the customer sorted out the issue with the broker (which resulted in a 10¢/lb discount), the the unloading process was rather quick. I'm now in Wilmington, IL (which may not be in the middle of nowhere, but it's certainly not very far off) picking up a load going to a Walmart Distribution Center in London, KY.

I so enjoy delivering to Walmart (note the emphatic sarcasm), because they are so friendly & efficient (more sarcasm). In my years as a truck driver, I have seen many things about Walmart that only strengthen my resolve to detest them more and more.

By now, the news of the "death" of Osama bin Laden has probably pervaded the airwaves, hence, everybody's life... though I have my personal skepticism on the whole affair. For one thing, bin Laden was killed in a raid, yet according to Israel National News, the U.S. government "honored" the Muslim custom of burying his body within 14 days. We are also soon to be beginning the campaign cycle for the 2012 Presidential Election, AND yesterday also just happened to be HaShoah ("The Remembrance" in Hebrew, or more commonly referred to as "Holocaust Remembrance Day"). I chose to site the Israel National News website on the story because, I've found it does tend to be more accurate than our own media (and in a few cases, they've given more of the news, more of the facts, even when CNN, "the alphabet networks", or even FOX diluted the stories.).

Though it may be "just a movie," I refer you to Wag The Dog from 1997.

It's just too convenient.

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