24 May 2011

Day 143 (Vote All The Morons Out)

This past Saturday's post saw this blog going in a slightly different path from the norm. Today, I may explore something new.

I, as many of you already know, am a truck driver. I travel the country - a lot. There are thousands of others that do the same thing, sadly, there is just a small percentage that can actually hold an intellectual conversation, let alone enter into one. I count myself within that small number of intelligent drivers. As I have observed (and this goes beyond the truck driving community), too many people are allowing their thoughts to be formed by the "insights" and opinions of the politicians that "we the people" have elected AND the media "reporters" that "report" the same - without so much as an original thought of their own.

For example... Barack Obama. Four years ago came this man out of obscurity. Hillary Clinton would have become President if not for Obama. We didn't have much to choose from, so when he was elected, regardless of party affiliation, I wanted him to succeed. After all, the first black President - a historic milestone, just in that alone. Yet in the years since, he has done NOTHING to impress me. He made many promises on the campaign trail: close the prison in Guantanamo Bay (it's still open); bring our troops home (not only has this NOT happened, but their numbers have been increased in Afghanistan) - need I go on? Yet, he found it so important to lobby on behalf of Chicago before the International Olympic Committee. He HAS managed to pass a health care bill - against the will of the American people (and the deciding vote that passed it was cast by Blanche Lincoln (D) of Arkansas, whom, ironically enough, was ousted in the last mid-term election), take over the banking AND the auto industry - all of which are a repeat performance of what had been done some time back (research your world history here).

However, would we have been better off with John McCain? More than likely, we would be in the same situation. My conclusion from that is that D.C. politics is no longer about Democrats vs. Republicans, nor Liberals vs. Conservatives, but rather, the discreet and devious takeover of Socialism, or Communism, or Marxism - more than likely it's a combination of all three.

There is a man, he is a great orator and can stir up the crowds, he rose up practically from nowhere, and his citizenship was always in question.

Let that whet your appetite for history.

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