19 May 2011

Day 138 (I'm In Misery... Uh, Missouri)

Yesterday I noted that I was unloading in Wilmington, Il. I arrived there an hour before my appointment (which was 1700) and didn't leave from there until around 2000, only to have to hustle to get into Chicago to pick up my next load. Once I arrived there and got loaded, I made my way back south... and try to cover a few miles before I ran out of hours. Once I hit I-55 south, I also hit traffic... so, needless to say, in the period of 18 of my remaining 20 minutes, I only covered 8 miles. My delivery time for this load was for 0700 this morning, but since it was a plant to plant run, they were a bit more forgiving.

As for today, I have less than 3 hours left to drive today, to which I should be able to make it into Springfield, MO. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with another driver and re-power his load which delivers Monday just outside Albany, NY. As for right now, it's time to eat... and tonight's feast consists of chili:

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