18 May 2011

Day 137 (Blah, Blah, Blah... Yakkity, Schmakkity)

I am here in Wilmington, IL waiting to get unloaded, to which once that is done, I'll head to Chicago, load there and head to Sedalia, MO. How far I get tonight all depends on how efficiently I get unloaded here and loaded there... so far, it's not looking too good. My appointment here was for 1700 and I've been sitting in the dock door for over an hour now, and no movement in the trailer.

As I sit here my stomach is growling from hunger. I have food to eat, but I'm waiting until my meal - presently cooking in my new 2 quart crock pot - is ready. I bought some things for a few meals last night, and I'm cooking one of said meals now: a roast with a citrus & savory rub, a little soy sauce, fresh garlic, shallots, baby potatoes, and green beans, and all doused with hickory liquid smoke. It's been in there for a little over 3 1/2 hours... and smells SO GOOD!! I don't consider myself a chef, but I do enjoy cooking (and when I'm home, my wife makes no complaints when I express that I'll be cooking). Along with this roast, I also picked up some stuff for chili, and some Beef Kielbasa & Sauerkraut... each of which I should be able to get about 2 meals from. The next things I will have to get will be some more Lock & Lock storage containers to put my leftovers in.

This food will be SOOOO worth the wait!

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Carla said...

I go no where without my Lock & Lock containers ;-)