29 May 2011

Day 148 (What A Blessed Day!)

Today turned out very nice indeed. Last night I shut down on the east end of Erie, PA. When I got up this morning, and after tending to my morning ablutions, I took a 3 mile walk to Harbor Creek High School, where Grace Church has set up a satellite location (temporary, of course), and pastored by Mike Watson whom I first became acquainted with via Facebook. I met Pastor Watson once before at what is now the "Flagship" location of Grace Church in McKean, PA... on the west side of Erie. Pastor Watson is still beaming with excitement & enthusiasm as this was the 5th week the Harbor Creek location has assembled.

In the two times we have met in person I have come to this conclusion about him: He is a man with a serving heart, a love of people, and most importantly, a man that seeks unity... not just within his own congregation, but with the surrounding congregations within his community as well. Should I find myself in the neighborhood again, you can bet I'll be there to visit and fellowship with his congregation again.

As for the worship team that led this morning... they were very much "in the pocket"!

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Paul Cobb said...

Thanks for worshiping with us, Doug. We all love Pastor Mike's heart for the Lord. Thank you for posting these encouraging words.
We hope to see you again.

Keep trucking for Jesus,