27 May 2011

Day 146 (Does My Reputation Precede Me?)

Made it to our North Little Rock terminal last night, showered, and did my laundry. This morning, before I ran my errands, I found out the Andy (my new student) was not going to be my new student. I wonder if word got around how hard-nosed an instructor I am (totally untrue). Instead, he is at home right now deciding if he wants to be a driver in either the refrigerated division, the flatbed division, or even be a truck driver. I've been told he has a little daughter, and he's unsure if he wants to spend 3 weeks at a time away from home... which is what's usually the case in the refrigerated division. This is not an easy line of work to get into, nor is it for everybody. For me, it seemed to be an easy transition, as I had only been out of the Marine Corps about 4 years when I began driving a truck. I, from my time in the Corps, had already been accustomed to being away from home for extended periods. In fact, just 4 days after Michelle and I had gotten married, my unit was doing some cross-training with the DEA in Texas & New Mexico, in which we were gone for a month. So, in essence, both of us had gotten used to being separated from one another... but it also made our time together (even to this day) that much more special.

Though we've both learned over the years, in order for us to enjoy certain luxuries (each other's company, a.k.a. quality time), there are certain sacrifices that must be made (being away from home for weeks at a time). This line of work also helps to pay the bills, which comes in very useful, considering the economic shape the country is in.

Oh, and I also applied for my passport today, too.

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