22 May 2011

Day 141 (I'm In Upstate New York... Now What?)

I just finished the final leg of this trip, and am sitting here in Half Moon, NY, just north of the state's capital of Albany. Once I get unloaded in the morning, I'll head to Guilderland Center (just outside of Albany) and pick up my next load going to Tulsa.

I started reheating my leftovers from Wednesday (the roast) and, as it did when I first cooked it, smells delicious. I'll probably chase it down with bread & butter, and perhaps some flatbread & hummus a little later (more than likely in the company of John McClain). When I stopped earlier to top off my fuel, I was VERY tempted to pick up a 1/2 dozen Boston Cream doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts, but was successful in warding off the afore mentioned temptation.

I haven't normally expressed my views nor opinions in the way of politics, but yesterday's post was something I felt HAD to be said. There were many other things I wanted to get in to, but I had gone on quite a bit as it was.

At least you know where I stand.

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