23 May 2011

Day 142 (Heading West, Just Not Far Enough West)

You are all familiar with the quote "Great minds think alike" or perhaps a variation of such, (as used by W.E.B. Griffin, a favorite author of mine) "Great minds travel similar paths". Such is the case today in regards to my occasional rants about the use of turn signals by fellow "motorists" - or lack thereof. As I read the latest of the daily offerings from those cool cats at The Toilet Paper, I've found I'm not alone in said opinion.

That aside, let's move along...
I unloaded this morning in Half Moon, NY, then headed over to Guilderland Center, NY to reload, and am on my way to Tulsa, OK. Last night this company sent a fleet wide message about a tornado which apparently travelled through western Missouri - Joplin in particular. The State Police there have closed down the stretch of I-44 and U.S. 71 in that area, which could pose a problem, as my routing to Tulsa just happen to go that way. I'm still quite a ways from there, so tomorrow I'll find out from Monica what the latest road conditions are like in that area. I am hoping that, should any damage have occurred on those roadways, that it will be (at the very least) passable by the time I get there. I hope the damage of property, and most importantly, injuries to people, are minimal - nonexistent to the latter is preferable.

Here in upstate New York, the weather has been cool and, for the most part, sunny, though there have been spots of rain. I should make it into Ohio before my hours run out for today (I did start out fairly early), but how far into Ohio still remains a mystery. This load doesn't deliver until Wednesday, and knowing the customer it's going to (and the distance involved), it will be the afternoon before it get there. More than likely, I may get reloaded at the same place that I'm delivering to. Either way, this can prove to be a win/win situation. The only thing that can make it better is an endless - and free - supply of grande triple Marble Mocha Machiattos from Starbucks (well it's nice to dream, right?).

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