10 May 2011

Day 129 (Monday Must Want An Encore)

This morning, as requested, I called the broker concerning the load I was to pick up in McCoole, MD. At first, he said there was some miscommunication with the pick-up number, but called back a little later to say that the load wasn't going to pick up until tomorrow. I sent a message to Monica (my fleet manager), to which my company changed the load (apparently, the load cancelled). I am now sitting in McKees Rocks, PA getting loaded, after which time I will run as far as possible before my hours run out. The delivery isn't scheduled until Thursday, in Cicero, IL (another Chicago suburb), but I want to get rid of it tomorrow.

There are two reasons for this: A) I want to get my next load, unload it, then go home; and, B) my next load is scheduled to pick up tomorrow, in Monee, IL.

So now you can see the type of day that I've had so far.

I. Need. Starbucks!

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