16 May 2011

Day 133 & 134 (Busy Weekend, With Family)

Well, this has been a busy weekend. First of all, in order to make my logbook legal, I had to sit (nap) in Pontoon Beach, IL until 1900, then make my way home. I finally made it home at around 0100, only to be back on the road around 1000, with my youngest son, along with my brother and step-mom (who were visiting from Vegas), and headed to Milan, TN. We went out there to help my step-mom get here things from when she lived out there a while back. Surprisingly enough, we were able to get all of her things in both cars, grab a bite to eat at a local Mexican restaurant (which, by the way, was so NOT impressive), then make the 200 mile trip back to my house - where we unloaded said items into our house. Barbara sorted through everything to consolidate it in order to fit it into one car (not an easy task).

There are a lot of things that she is having us donate to our local thrift stores, as well as a few boxes (mainly photos & photo albums - which reminds me, I really need to "acquisition" some of my pics (from my teenage years) before my wife finds them, and BURN them. We were given some VERY nice items: a Seder plate, a Challah bread dish, and most importantly, a napkin holder once owned by my grandparents (may they rest in peace).

This afternoon my wife and I went to the Jewish Food Festival in Little Rock, which was very enjoyable... though the food was a bit pricey and NOT commensurate with the portions served: for example, 2 cheese blintzes were $5 (ugh!). We did find a really nice Kiddish cup, and pretty reasonably priced too. We headed home, after a stop to Starbucks (which some of you have come to expect from me), and then my brother, Larry, and I took control of the kitchen to make dinner: Matzo Ball soup, Pita Bread & homemade Hummas,  Lemon/Rosemary Chicken, Latkes (potato pancakes), Falafel, and Cheesecake for dessert (that was bought from a store). Tomorrow Larry and Barbara head back for Vegas. I hope they have a safe trip, though it's sad to see them go... it's been a busy, but VERY enjoyable and productive weekend.

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