30 May 2011

Day 149 (Memorial Day 2011)

Today is Memorial Day, and while I could go on a historical lecture, I won't. Instead I'll just refer you to this link on the subject. I am sitting here in Half Moon, NY where I will be unloading tomorrow morning. Today across America people are gathering around barbecue grills along with friends, or family, or both. As for me... none of the above. The closest I am is about 130 miles from a good friend who lives in New Jersey.

Memorial Day is the day where we reflect upon those who gave their lives in the service of this country, so that we may have the luxuries as stated above. This is not limited to just those who have served in the military... at least not to me. In my humble (though some may argue that there is not a humble bone in my body) opinion, the law enforcement officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty should also fall into the same mold as those who have fallen on the battlefield for remembrance (does the date 9/11/01 ring a bell?). Let's face it, as a Marine, soldier, or sailor has protected our freedoms abroad, so, too, have the firemen and police officers protected our freedoms here.

I don't want to pervert the memory of our past combat warriors, just broaden the spectrum of those worthy to be remembered forever.

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