01 June 2011

Day 151 (Making My Way To Little Rock)

Finished my way to my second pick-up in North Bergen, NJ this morning, then waited a few hours before actually getting loaded. Once I did get the rest of the product on, then the fun task of going south (about 10 miles) to a truck stop to scale out, then getting out of Jersey. The delay, as usual, affected my available driving time.

For those of you whom have never been to New Jersey, all I will say is it's an experience you would never forget. Over my many years of driving, I've learned to adapt to many cultural driving habits. In the New England areas, it's very fast paced and hectic. For example, in the Metro areas of New Jersey & New York, if you use your turn signal to change lanes, many around you will take it as a personal challenge (here's a hint: ALWAYS yield your right of way to somebody driving a severely damaged vehicle).

I've only made it as far as Racine, VA, which is about 60 miles north of Roanoke. Since I'm looking at another 800+ miles to cover by 1130 Friday, making that appointment will be rather tight. Tomorrow will be a rough one, a lot of catching up to do.

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