31 August 2012

Year 2, Day 231 (What A Night)

My appointment to deliver this morning was for 0800. When I left from Pacific, MO at a little after 1900 last night I still had about 600 miles to go. I made it... and I was also able to make a stop at a Starbucks in the process. I arrived here at 0508 this morning, then napped until 0750. The running itself wasn't bad, it's having to do it through the night that takes a toll on you. What I'll be doing next is unknown, and really, at this point, I'm not too concerned. After all, I won't be able to drive again until 1508. The good thing about this whole ordeal is that Sabbath is - quite literally - around the corner. After these past few days, a day of rest is not only in order, but also will be well received.

May your Sabbath (if you observe) be blessed and full of joy! With Rosh HaShanah drawing near, may it be as sweet as the honey covered apples that usher in the New Year!

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