01 September 2012

Year 2, Day 232 (I've Decided To Get A Re-Start)

I arrived in Clarksville, AR at 0045 this morning, shutting down at the truck stop just across the street from Walmart. I've enjoyed the peace that comes with the Sabbath, and the time I spend in this week's Torah portion. Tomorrow, though, I'll take off and head to Rogers, AR to pick up the load that will next take me to Tomah, WI for Monday afternoon. I'll try to cover as much ground as possible tomorrow, so Monday's work won't be as bad.

Tomorrow's post will be one of a foodie style. I'm in the process of making a smoked beef brisket with vegetables, and, so far, the results are looking quite nice.

The weather has been back to the typical humidity that Arkansas is known for. Fortunately I have an a/c unit that works quite nice. It's not the heat I have a problem with, it's the humidity of this region. If I want to be in a sticky atmosphere, I'll go into a sauna, that that's not likely to happen any time soon.

Where ever you may be, stay cool!

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