11 August 2012

Year 2, Day 222 (Getting A Re-Start In North Carolina)

North Carolina may not be my ideal choice to shut down for 34 hours... in fact, it's on the opposite end of the spectrum of choices. But I'm here. I really don't need a 34 hour re-start on my logbook, but since this load doesn't deliver until 2100 (ET) on Sunday, I decided to shut down here in Jonesville, NC for the Sabbath, and since I'm here for the Sabbath, I may as well stay for a re-start. Had it not been for the traffic in the Atlanta area, I may have even made it to Ft. Chiswell, VA... but what is done, is done.

Surprisingly the weather in central to southern Georgia was mild yesterday, around the mid-70's (for anybody who has been in Georgia in August, that is quite mild). The weather up here in North Carolina was about the same. In fact, cool enough to turn the truck off and sleep without the use of the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit, providing heat or air for the sleeper without idling the truck), which as people of the south and east know, this time of year is usually hot, or humid, sometimes both... even at night. Some truck drivers will turn their truck off and roll the windows down at night. I don't. Call me paranoid, but I don't like allowing access to unwanted visitors, be it mosquitos or thieves. Besides, since I close the "wrap-around" curtains, having the windows open would be counter-productive.

Now it's time to brew up some coffee and engage in this week's Torah portion,

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