21 August 2012

Year 2, Day 232 (I'll Be Back On The Road Today... Hopefully)

Yesterday turned out to be a dead end, since the shop (still searching for the parts for disc brakes for a 53' trailer) was unable to make any real progress, but today may have some progress. It's a good sign when I received a pre-plan on a load bound for Tennessee. In the meantime, while I'm still waiting, I think I should walk over to the Starbucks for a little "taste." My wife, Tikvah, and my Mother-in-law are still out in California. Tikvah will be coming back next week, but Pat will be staying out there a few weeks more. Yesterday they made the drive up to Las Vegas to visit with some family I have up there (and so Tikvah can finally meet - and begin the process of spoiling - our nephew, Liam). This morning, she so happily unformed me, my brother, Larry, is bringing over some bagels & cream cheese. I shouldn't be too envious, as Nathan and I had some lox & bagels a few weeks ago when he was on the truck with me.

Tomorrow or Thursday Tikvah will more than likely check out the houses in the Hemet area, where we plan on moving to next year. She has seen the listings on the internet, but she's taking the opportunity to see them "up close and personal", that the photos online match the real thing (people use Photo Shop to sell a house?!). I am very much looking forward to moving back to California... my heart is no longer desiring to remain in Arkansas.

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