07 August 2012

Year 2, Day 218 (Today Could Have Been Worse)

So I left out from home yesterday to head back out on the road, only to be told to head to the North Little Rock terminal. The reason for this was there was another driver whose load I was going to re-power. This driver (whom I already knew) was not only bringing his student in to be released, but also getting some work done on his truck. He arrived after 2200 to which I hooked up to that trailer and left, in order to get a couple hundred miles covered before shutting down. It's due in the Chicago area tomorrow morning at 0400, so I'm glad I covered some ground, since that is over 600 miles from North Little Rock.

This new truck seems to be running pretty good, so far. After the past several months of being in a truck that only ran 62 mph, it's a change of pace to have a truck that can go 65. Granted, it's only a difference of 3 mph, but that subtle change can (and does) make a difference in the overall travel time. Plus, with this new truck (and not having to worry about space limitations between two people) I now have my bike with me, and I am eagerly awaiting for a load going up to Woodinvile, WA so I can hit their bike paths.

But for now, I need coffee.

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