18 August 2012

Year 2, Day 229 (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey)

I waited a few hours after getting unloaded yesterday before I received my next run. Although about an hour earlier I received a message to head to the Tyson (UGH!) in Storm Lake, IA. I knew how to get to Storm Lake, but since there were no directions nor phone number that I could refer to, I stayed in Mason City until I could get such things. This load only goes to Ottawa, IL, then my next run doesn't pick up until Monday in Green Bay. That load I am NOT looking forward to, since it goes to New Jersey. I have come to loathe the east, from New Jersey to Georgia, and the states west of there (Louisiana, Mississippi, the Carolinas, etc.). I have been trying to get a load to the northwest for a couple months now, especially as of recently, since I have my bike on the truck with me. There are several reasons why I desire to go up to that area. One is the bike path in Woodinville, WA. Another is the bike same in the same, so I can get my bike looked at and tuned up. Since I am acquainted with the manager there, I trust them (plus I can get a few pointers on maintenance/tune ups), plus my brakes are feeling a little weak - since I've never worked on disc brakes, I'll leave it to somebody that knows what they're doing... and I don't trust basically any business in Arkansas, let alone just the bike shops (as few as they may be).

For some reason over the past few months, the CSR's at the company I drive for like keeping me in the east. I have driven the east so much in the past several years that I can't stand going out there anymore. Screw it! I'm so frustrated right now... I give up!

This being the Sabbath, I am trying very hard to leave it to HaShem's control... He knows better than I do anyway. People often wonder why I consider so few people as "friends". The reason being I just don't trust people in general. Very few I do trust, and that is the result of either a very long - and trustworthy - relationship, or being tied in together through adverse circumstances... sometimes a combination of both, which has culminated to form a strong bond between us. So, yeah, my list of "friends" is short. The years have taught me who I can fully trust.

Who do YOU trust?

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