15 August 2012

Year 2, Day 226 (What A Taxing Day)

After just a few hours of sleep, I was up at around 0900 (CT) to try and sort out the whole fiasco of the 72 rejected cases. Once I had things started concerning that, I tried to get a little more sleep until the claims department had done what was needed on their end, after which I took the product to a facility not far from where I delivered to "pass it off" to them. That in itself threw the day off track. While I waited for that facility to work their end, I put the butterflied Leg of Lamb in the marinade to sit for a while, then put the lamb and the baby potatoes in the crock pot, where it simmered on low all day.

Finding the customer where I was loading was not a problem, getting the load put on efficiently, however, was a little arduous. By the time I was loaded, with bills in hand, my remaining drive-time had already begun ticking down. Racing against the clock is not fun, especially if your sleep had been broken throughout the day. I almost made it to Charleston, WV before shutting down, plus made a stop at a Starbucks earlier in the day.

Oh... and the lamb (in the words of my friend Lauri Rottmayer) was "Fabu"!

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