23 August 2012

Year 2, Day 234 (Delivery Has Been Changed)

My repairs were completed yesterday right around noon, but I still had to wait a couple hours before the CSR had dispatched me on a load. Once that happened, it also turns out that the load had two pick-ups, the second of which took longer than I had hoped. Because of that delay, the delivery in Knoxville, TN (between 0800-1500 today) was delayed until tomorrow morning. My next load will be just as exciting (note the sarcasm): tomorrow night I pick up in Shelbyville, TN delivering Monday morning in Sedalia, MO.

My wife, Tikvah, is still in California, but she heads back home next Wednesday. I was due to go home on 5 September, but, after some considerable contemplation, I will extend that out to return home in early October... this way I will be home for our anniversary. Sure, I have to stay out a few weeks more, but I will NOT miss this anniversary, as it will mark 20 years she has put up with me.

I think a bottle of Chateau Montelena chardonney would be in order!

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