20 August 2012

Year 2, Day 231 (Blessed Beyond Belief)

Yes, as the parenthetical title implies, I am blessed beyond belief. One would think that something spectacular has happened - it hasn't. In fact, I am still sitting here in Oak Creek, WI, waiting for the repair shop to get the parts needed to fix the brakes on the trailer (apparently, disc brakes on a 53' trailer are still considered uncommon), and the load going to New Jersey had been taken off of me. How much longer will it take to get the parts is unknown, as is what my next load will be... but one thing is certain, I am here for a reason, a purpose. In fact, we ALL have a purpose, not just to wander through life aimlessly or "try to be a good person."

I wasn't raised in Jewish traditions, in fact, quite the opposite. However, I have been try to live my life as if I had, which means I've been trying to catch up for the past several years. This past year I have been diligently trying to really get involved in studying the Torah, by taking each weekly portion and breaking it up unto daily readings, and accompanying it with that day's section of Daily Dose Of Torah. There have been several times where I fell behind, but I have made every effort to try to recoup. The point of all this is that, even though I'm sitting here waiting for the aforementioned part (or parts), then I'll have no real idea what my next load will consist of, or where I will head to, I am still blessed. HaShem blessed me with another day of life... He has blessed me with an awesome wife and four wonderful sons... I have a place to call home. These are things that all of us take for granted daily, yet very seldom are we thankful, TRULY thankful. I had been one. For some reason it's as if my heart has been overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

HaShem, my G-d, is truly an awesome G-d!

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