25 August 2012

Year 2, Day 236 (This Week Is Nearly Over)

Today, being the Sabbath, is a much welcomed day, not only for its benefit of rest, but because it marks the end of this past week... which I do not care to repeat. Ever. I have found that when I spend time in the Scriptures daily, and try diligently to do no work on the Sabbath, but focus more upon G-d, the week I have just completed seems like a burden lifted, and the week to come is less stressful. This past week, though it was an anomaly, I view as more of a test. As servants of HaShem (God), and believers in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), we get spiritual tests in order to strengthen our faith and refine our character.

Though this past week was low on the productivity scale, HaShem gave me a peace and joy regardless of the sitting I had been doing, or the sudden hurdles that arose. Just so I'm not misunderstood, serving HaShem is a joy, not a burden... and He is certainly NOT a "quick fix" for all your problems. It takes devotion, study, and perseverance. Anything of a spiritual nature that can be fixed right away, won't last for very long. When we stay devoted to our studies, and keep our hearts focused on The Holy One, Blessed is He, then over time we can reflect upon our lives and attitudes and see what positive changes had transpired... we can see how our lives have been - and continue to be - transformed, by seeking His guidance, and studying His Scriptures for a deeper understanding of who He is. By doing so we also gain a deeper understanding of His Commandments (there's more than just 10).

If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line. I may not be a Torah scholar, but I will try to seek an answer, and send you in the direction that will give you your own deeper understanding of The Scriptures and their meaning.

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