30 August 2012

Year 2, Day 230 (This Is Going To Be A Long Day)

Once I started off yesterday morning (about 1100 CT), I finished off the trip to Rochelle, IL. By then I had received a pre-plan, picking up in Franklin Park, IL (just north west of Chicago). I arrived there at 1700, just in time for my appointment. Sadly, the load wasn't ready, and wouldn't be until as late as 2300. I've always taken issue with situations like that. My opinion has always been that if the customer cannot keep to their own appointment schedule, then why make them in the first place? I didn't leave from there until after 0200 this morning. Since this load is due to deliver at 0800 tomorrow morning in McKinney, TX, then that means I have a full day ahead of me. Having had adequate time (an 8 hour break, a.k.a. doing a split sleeper break) to drive for several hours, I made my way to Pacific, MO, just west of St. Louis. From here I'll take a full 10 hour break then leave again (after getting fuel) at a little after 1900.

The good thing is I have plenty of music to occupy the miles, with Morcheeba's Who Can You Trust? being next in queue. With less than 600 miles to go, I still have some ground to cover.

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