22 August 2012

Year 2, Day 233 (The Repairs Are Being Done)

This morning repairs began on the trailer in order to get me back on the road. The technicians that were working on it did so for a little over an hour, then left again, presumably to get other parts... though it's not exactly clear, as they didn't express so prior to leaving. When they did leave, I went to the back of the trailer to check the progress to find they still had some work ahead of them. It is all still in the hands of HaShem, my G-d (for those who may be unfamiliar with this Name, it is one of the Hebrew Names of G-d... one of the many Names. HaShem literally translates to The Name, implying that His Name - written in Hebrew as יהוה - is so sacred within Judaism, that we don't read it as it is written, but rather shorten it to HaShem).

Years ago (possibly even this time last year) I would have been fraught with frustration at such a delay because it detracts from my making money. What's happened now? I've been trying to be more focused and diligent in my involvement of Torah study. On the road I'm trying to become more disciplined in waking up at least 1 1/2 hours before I need to start driving for the day. During that time, I am going through that day's section of the weekly Torah portion (reading the commentaries of the various Sages, as well) and following it up with the Daily Dose of Torah section for that day. Trust me, this is not an easy path to navigate as I wasn't raised in Judaism, nor do I have a Rabbi or Torah scholar whom I can study under (where I live in Arkansas, the local idea of going to a deli is in making a trip to Walmart).

Though I have been here since early Sunday morning, I am still at peace. I can't change the circumstances. Besides, why would I even want to change them? Each day we are presented with a variety of decisions to make and paths to choose... we should also be willing to accept the consequences for those paths & decisions that we make, should they prove to be the wrong ones. Today it's become all to common that people do NOT want to take responsibility for their actions (a case in point is this news from 3 months ago, or this blog from yesterday - which includes a 4 minute video worth watching).

Every day is a learning experience. The question is... will you choose to learn from it, or blame somebody else that it happened?

You choose.

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