03 August 2012

Year 2, Day 214 (People Are So Easily Distracted)

I have noticed for some time, and most particularly within the past few months, just how unfocused our society is, and how easily their attention can be diverted from what's impotant. Case in point: the Chik-Fil-A "controversy". Things have obviously been blown out of perspective, all thanks to the Main Stream Media. As I have seen it, the comments made by the company's founder were a by-product of the overall interview, but the MSM have zoomed in on one small aspect of the overall issue being discussed. Think about it, because one person has a viewpoint different than your own, makes him (or her, as we have seen in other issues) a "hater" or "bigot"? The bigger picture is not the viewpoints/opinions expressed, but, in fact, the idea that that particular story take precedence over the issues that really matter, such as jobs in America (or lack thereof), the economy, and/or what legislation is being passed, while we are currently being kept occupied with frivolous issues.

For example, Obama's minions talk about the jobs he "created", which are really nothing more than more positions in the government sector and more favors for the union bigshots - a form of "outsourcing", no different from Romney's outsourcing of jobs to India (which is speculated, since the majority of that took place allegedly after he left Bain)... which is no different than what has already been happening at the hands of the "customer service" departments of AT&T, MSN, Verizon, etc. The current Administration "created" jobs, yet there is already in place a program within the Department of Transportation, CSA (short for Compliance, Safety, Accountability), which, when it was put in place, was retroactive. In essence, a driver - whom may have been hit with a couple of speeding tickets in the past few years and is trying to correct his or her mistakes through the passage of time, as well as policing themselves - is graded on a safety score. If it gets to a certain point, they get terminated, regardless of what actions they are currently taking to correct their wrongs. In summation, this is not job creation, but just the opposite. This is no different from NAFTA, the bill that was probably started by the first Bush, then signed into law by Clinton. They said it was going to be good for America, when, instead, it became the "blank check" many companies needed to shut down their operations here in America and move to Mexico. We didn't see the fallout of NAFTA until 5-10 years down the road... do you still think it's "good for America"? Sift through the news and weed out the unimportant, turn off Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, or whatever "reality show" you watch, and focus more upon the important things, like the politicians that are passing legislation that bleed us dry, yet bring them countless benefits.

Have a blessed and joyous Sabbath!

Shabbat Shalom!

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