01 August 2012

Year 2, Day 212 (On The Final Stretch)

I had hoped to make it to the customer last night before I shut down, but with the hours I had available - and the various delays along the way - I ended up shutting down in Ripley, TN, just 15 miles away and only 7 minutes left on my logbook. I parked at a Walmart for the night only because there was no truck stop. Once I started moving around this morning, and had read today's section of this week's Torah portion, I made my way to the customer to do a drop & hook. I had to make a stop in the North Little Rock terminal to take care of a few things before heading home.

I have enjoyed having Nathan with me for these last few weeks. I was rather bummed than I was unable to secure a load that would take us to the northwest, but at least he was able to get into Canada. This may be a difficult year for my wife and I, for the simple fact that Nathan - the youngest of four boys - will be graduating from high school this upcoming school year. His plans are to go to college, but it's still hard because we will be faced, after all the years, with the "empty nest".

Maybe we'll throw a party.

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