29 August 2012

Year 2, Day 239 (If You Fly, Don't Use Delta)

Today my wife, Tikvah, has returned after a two week vacation to California. She went out there not only to visit some family, but also to check out some of the houses for sale that we had seen online. She had flown on Delta Airlines, which, she has already vowed, she will never do again. First, when her and her mother arrived in LAX, and went to the baggage claim area, Tikvah had noticed that one of her bags had been destroyed. Some machine had torn a hole into the suitcase, thereby destroying practically all the clothes that were contained within (one of which was a dress that still had the original $300 price tag on it).

The Delta representative had told her that she was very sorry, and if she would buy some new clothes, Delta would reimburse her (which was actually moot, since some of the clothes she had lost had not even been worn yet). She actually didn't want to buy new clothes, but she did. She saved the receipts from her purchases. Unfortunately, when she arrived back at LAX yesterday, she couldn't locate some of the receipts. All she is getting reimbursed is $125... that doesn't even cover the one dress she had lost (the one with the $300 price tag). Needless to say, because of this fiasco, Tikvah has said she will stick with American Airlines... and Delta can stick it!

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