28 August 2012

Year 2, Day 238 (So Far, So Good)

The new week has begun, though with a few hitches... such as yesterday's delivery appointment at Tyson was for 0600 (CT), but they didn't put me in a door until nearly noon, which, in turn, caused me to be late for my loading appointment. I arrived here in North Little Rock early this morning, even making a stop in Rogers, AR for my Starbucks taste. This next load has me heading up to Rochelle, IL to deliver by 2300 tomorrow. It seems as though the infamous humidity has begun its return to Arkansas. Honestly I didn't miss it one bit. Driving a truck can definitely take you through a variety of weather patterns. For example, I once left from Tulsa, OK on a Friday at about 103°, the following Tuesday in was in the mid-70's in Woodinville, WA. That was a welcomed treat indeed.

Not only are there differences in weather from one region to another, but also the culture as well (but I won't bother with detailing my observations, as it would probably bore you). Traveling about the country is nice at times, but I look forward to this time next year when my wife and I will make the final move back to California.

How I have missed California!!

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