30 June 2011

Day 180 (Such A Long Day)

I started from a rest area in East Richland, OH (if you were traveling west on I-70, it would be the first rest area you come to after leaving West Virginia), and since then it has been a great big hustle (or hassle, if that's what you prefer). The customer in Indianapolis made short order of unloading me, then I had to take off right away to head up to load up my pre-plan. This one has me going from Crown Point, IN to Clarksville, AR.

I called the broker of this load to let him know I wouldn't be at the shipper until 1930, instead of the 1830 appointment time. Looking at it now, I may not be able to make my 1800 delivery appointment tomorrow either. A lot of factors are at play with these delays: the delay in loading at the shipper in New Jersey yesterday (that, plus the joke of a truck stop when I fueled yesterday, depleted at least 1 1/2 hours of drive time). Now I am here in Crown Point waiting to get put in a door, then the matter of how long they will take to load.

The only thing that makes this whole ordeal even more difficult to cope with is that I haven't had any coffee today.

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