23 June 2011

Day 173 (A Nice Change Of Scenery)

This load I picked up yesterday in Dexter, MO was actually ready when I arrived (around 2315), but the paperwork wouldn't be ready until 0200 this morning. I had run out of hours around 0200, so I couldn't leave until 1000 this morning. When I went into the shipping office, it was never billed out (in other words, 3rd shift never printed the bills). The load was originally due at noon, but because of my hours I didn't get here (Rogers, AR) until 1700 today.

I was pre-planned on one load earlier (which I liked better) which would have me dead-heading all the way to St. James, MN and delivering Monday afternoon in Wilmington, IL, but that changed. I will now pick up my next load at this Tyson (in Rogers, AR) and deliver Monday morning in Oconomowoc, WI (which is located west of Milwaukee). I liked the first pre-plan better, simply because it had 400+ more miles on it, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. The trouble with this load, is Tyson's "load by" time isn't until 1921 on Saturday. Which means I won't have any time to play with. Hopefully they will load it earlier than that... much earlier. Not only that, but I should be getting my passport in any day now. What does that mean? Since there are so few drivers in our division that have one, and our company is getting quite a few loads out of Tulsa, OK going into Canada (at least one a week), that will mean I will be getting some of them - which means MORE MILES! Who knows, I may even get one of the ones going to Vancouver, B. C., with a stop in Seattle, WA, and finally get to meet @terrinakamura (one of my Twitter & Facebook friends) in real life.

I smell a coffee "tweetup" in the near future!

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