11 June 2011

Day 161 (Another Short Day)

Joseph drove us the rest of the way here to Osceola, AR. I had him park at a truck stop on the west end of town, where we are about 6 miles from the customer. It's been a quiet, peaceful day (we hit a little but of traffic, but since it's the Sabbath, I didn't worry over it too much).

We didn't leave from Effingham until about 1115 this morning, then topped off the fuel in Matthews, MO, before finishing the day/weekend here. I figured it would be better to stop here at this little truck stop so we would at least have a restroom facility available. Once we got here and parked, we sat for about 10 minutes before the wind really started to kick up. Right now it seems to be blowing rather relentlessly.

On another note, I've been thinking of doing a little "cleaning" of my Facebook friends list, as there are a few that I either don't interact with (for some reason or another), or their is just no connection worth maintaining. I posted as my status what my intentions were (and of course giving adequate warning - 1 week), and also stated that there were those whom have nothing to worry about. For those who may be expunged will probably not even comment, or even plead their "case" as to why we should remain "friends." The term "friend" is one I no longer throw around too freely. For me to consider one as a "friend" does take into consideration a variety of different factors. My wife, Tikvah, is my best friend (that's a no-brainer); C.J., whom lives in Pittsburgh, is also a best friend, since him and I have been there for each other on many different occasions over the course of 20+ years; Rich, whom lives in New Jersey, is also a good friend, since we were in the combat zone together. There are people I've known for many years that I don't call "friend", primarily for the reason that if I don't think they would be there if my life (and possibly their own) were at risk, then they are not worthy of being called a friend.

By the way... I also had Starbucks today.

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