07 June 2011

Day 156 (Back At Work, And I Still Don't Like Mondays)

Joseph and I are out on the road after a nice quiet weekend, though it's always hard leaving home... and, of course, leaving Michelle. We got the trailer loaded at around noon, got scaled out about 25 miles away, then went another 90 to get fuel. When we got to West Memphis, AR, there apparently was an issue with the fueling network, and we lost about an hour getting everything lined out.

Once the fueling issues were dealt with, we continued on. Joseph did most of the driving (after all, he is the student). I took over from Bald Knob, AR to West Memphis so that he could eat, and I finished the trip from just west of Cookeville, TN to where we are now in Albany, KY. When we got about 35 miles east of Jackson, TN, I climbed in the back and started on what we had for dinner: chili. It's simple, really: a can of Rotelle, and a can each of two different kinds of Bush's Grillin' Beans, along with some sliced beef Polska Kielbasa, let it simmer a few hours in the crock pot, and voilá!

Now it's time for bed!

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