28 June 2011

Day 178 (Going Further East, Then West... For A Bit)

I shut down late last night at a service plaza on the Ohio Turnpike, just south of Cleveland. Once I started rolling this morning (with a fresh Starbucks grandé triple Marble Mocha Machiatto in hand... or rather, in the cup holder), it was, more or less, non-stop driving. The plan I had in mind was to get to the customer in Bethlehem, PA and check in... either they would take me in and unload me early, or turn me away, in which case I would have to find a place to park until about 0330 (getting an 8 hour break on my logbook), then go in to unload. My worries concerning this situation quickly faded once I arrived there, as the company I drive for now has a drop trailer at this customer (something I didn't know until today). While I was finishing the last 100 miles or so, I was given a pre-plan - to pick up tomorrow afternoon (1300) in Newark, NJ, a load going to Indianapolis, IN, to deliver by 1800 on Thursday.

So it's plain to see, I've been a little busy today, which explains why I am getting this blog posted over 4 hours past my self-prescribed deadline. I hope to, in future postings, be able to stick to this deadline, though I don't really want to post on events that have yet to happen as if they have already occurred (much like our mainstream media does on many occasions).

Well, I must sign off for now... I'm feeling a little depressed right now, the Phillies shut out my Boston Red Sox: 5 - 0.

Come on Sox!!

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