27 June 2011

Day 177 (Heading East)

I was unloaded early this morning, and since I didn't have another load yet, I went back to bed. Around 0900 I got my next load, and since it didn't pick up until 1230 (and about 75 miles away), that gave me time to walk to a nearby Starbucks for some coffee. This load picks up in Woodstock, IL and I will be delivering it to Bethlehem, PA early Wednesday morning.

I had hoped, but unfortunately was unable, to arrange a "meet-up/tweet-up" with Natali, a.k.a. @UberDorkGirlie, but perhaps there will be another time... possibly someplace closer to her so she doesn't have to travel as far.

On another note, I found out last Friday from my wife, Tikvah, that my passport had come in. Which means that, before too long, I'll be hauling some loads into Canada, possibly even through Seattle where I can finally another of the great "Tweeple" i've become acquainted with on Twitter (and later through Facebook), Terri (@TerriNakamura), whom also happens to have a really good blog: Confessions Of A Graphic Designer (which is much better than mine... though that doesn't say much, but trust me on this one - hers is really good!). I think now that I finally have my passport, that puts me on a list of perhaps 5 or 6 drivers in this division that can go into Canada.

But don't quote me on that number, I could be wrong... it's happened before.

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