01 July 2011

Day 181 (Reschedule, Refresh)

After the long day of yesterday, it was nice to be able to slow down a bit. I didn't get loaded last night in Crown Point, IN until after 2200, and by then I had less than 45 minutes left on my logbook. Once I shut down in Merrillville, IN (for those of you who are music aficionados of the Industrial/Cyber Punk genre, you would probably know that Merrillville was where Ministry filmed their In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up concert), I sent a message to my company that I wouldn't be making my appointment on time, which was set for 2030 (not 1830, as I had mentioned yesterday) today. This morning I called the broker of this load to inform him of the same, and of the circumstances as to why the previously set appointment could not be kept.

Last night did bring some rain, which made for a relaxing mood, and a good night's sleep. This afternoon I received the confirmation that the appointment had been rescheduled for 1830 (that is the correct time) tomorrow. Today's travels offered 3 stops along the way: the Lincoln Oasis (a service plaza on the I-80 toll road south of Chicago - yes, a Starbucks stop), a rest area (self explanatory), and our terminal in Madison, IL (shower, laundry, and Starbucks). Tomorrow's adventures will be... well, told tomorrow.

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